comunistaWe, Communist and Workers Party of the world, decisively denounce the imperialist plans, the undermining tactics and the menaces unleashed by the USA, the EU and their allied governments in Latin America, aiming at overthrowing the legally elected President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro; at subjugating the people of the country into their imperialist interests; and at looting the country’s wealth-producing resources.

After the failed provocation prepared by the USA using the imperialists’ puppet Guaidó on February 23rd in the Colombian borders, under the pretext of “humanitarian aid”, new scenarios are promoted for a coup or even an imperialist military attack, while simultaneously they continue the effort to organize more provocations that will give a pretext for the escalation of the intervention.

We strongly condemn every coup and imperialist military attack scenario of the USA and of their allies!

We decisively state that they will find against them not only the people of Venezuela, but also the Communist and Workers Parties, the working class’ and people’s movement all around the world!

We vehemently condemn the statements of John Bolton, National Security Advisor of the USA, according to which the government of the USA follows the Monroe Doctrine that considers the whole of Latin America as their exclusive zone of interest.

Latin America belongs to its peoples!

Loyal to the principles of Proletarian Internationalism we express our solidarity with the people of Venezuela; only the people of Venezuela has the capacity to decide on the internal affairs of its country. We express our solidarity with the Communist Party of Venezuela, the Communist Youth of Venezuela and other Venezuelan anti-imperialist forces that struggle under difficult conditions to defend the people’s interests.

Down with Imperialism!

The People Will Prevail!

  • Communist Party of Albania
  • Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism
  • Party of Labour of Austria
  • Communist Party Bangladesh
  • Brazilian Communist Party
  • Communist Party of Britain
  • New Communist Party of Britain
  • Communist Party of Canada
  • Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
  • AKEL, Cyprus
  • Communist Party in Denmark
  • Force of the Revolution, Dominican Republic
  • German Communist Party
  • Communist Party of Greece
  • Hungarian Workers Party
  • Communist Party of India
  • Tudeh Party of Iran
  • Communist Party of Ireland
  • Communist Party, Italy
  • Jordanian Communist Party
  • Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  • Lebanese Communist Party
  • Socialist Party (Lithuania)
  • Communist Party of Malta
  • Communist Party of Mexico
  • New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  • Communist Party of Pakistan
  • Palestinian Communist Party
  • Palestinian People’s Party
  • Paraguayan Communist Party
  • Peruvian Communist Party
  • Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
  • Communist Party of Poland
  • Portuguese Communist Party
  • Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  • Union of Communist Parties- CPSU
  • Russian Communist Workers Party-CPSU
  • Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  • South African Communist Party
  • Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
  • New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  • Communist Party of Swaziland
  • Communist Party of Turkey
  • Communist Party of Ukraine
  • Union of Communists of Ukraine

The Statement is open for further endorsements

Source: KKE via Solidnet / RedGlobe