wfdy 148The World Federation of Democratic Youth observes with concern the latest developments between India and Pakistan who due to the military operations and activities of armed groups, are facing the danger of a new escalation of the tension. The peoples of India and Pakistan have experienced the bloodsheds of war in the past and they know that in these wars there is no winner people but only suffering peoples and satisfied ruling classes.

People of both countries already faces serious deficiencies with countless problems such as unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, discrimination, limited access to health and education, debts etc. War between territories or countries will only increase the for the people who are already fighting to survive with the social and economic problems.

We urge both Indian and Pakistan governments to take immediate action to mitigate the rising tension between these two nations and to make every possible step to stop an inhuman conflict from happening.

We encourage and sincerely request the people of both countries not to separate but to unite, not to step towards war but to step towards peace, not to hate the each other but to see each other as equals, not to fight with each other but to unite and demand rights for everyone. As the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we convey our solidarity towards the people in both India and Pakistan with the hope for long lasting #peace between these two nations.

Source: WFDY via Facebook / RedGlobe