The Sudanese Professionals Association has received many signals and statements that the rank and file of the RSF (Rapid Support Forces) and other militarized forces have joined the revolution. As a matter of fact, honorables of SAF (Sudanese Armed Forces) and the police are already on the frontline; supporting and protecting the popular revolution. Their position has brought great relief to the masses. This was a consequence of the trust enmeshed and woven with the blood of martyrs. Our revolution is primarily one against the lingering heritage of criminality and corruption characterizing the rule of al-Bashir and his junta. The regime has rooted its corrupt practices deep into the Sudanese state, and divided the people and displaced them, to the point where the country is now standing at the precipice of collapse.

We call upon all the armed forces in Sudan to assume their patriotic role by stepping up and protecting the unarmed civilians exercising their sit- in at the SAF Headquarters. We urge the forces to defend the people of Sudan as they exercise their legal and constitutional right to freedom of expression and assembly. The people are within their moral and legal right to realize the political will of the absolute majority.

Any positive move towards justice, peace and building a better future for our country, shall be received with open doors. The revolution does not exclude, nor does it surrender the rights of one to another. We further affirm that welcoming new forces to the revolution mandates on us all the duty to build a justice system which holds accountable all criminals, thieves, murders and persons wanted by the law.

The procession prepared for by heinous war criminals and the so-called shadow militia, is a worthless endeavour to threaten the safety of Sudan and the peaceful essence of your revolution. The revolutionaries’ awareness and nonviolent stance shall overcome this ploy. The so-called planned procession is a march primarily designed to maintain narrow interests to the cost of stability, peace and positive change and will comprise the deserted, rotten, minority that promotes injustice and lacks basic conscience and humanity.

As we affirm our welcome to all positive stances in support of the revolution, we call upon all honorable Sudanese to continue their triumphant sit-in before the SAF Headquarters in Khartoum and other main army premises all over the cities of Sudan. This sit-in is the ink with which we write glorious pages in the future of our people and our country, Sudan.

Sudan shall remain in our hearts and eyes.

Freedom and Change Forces

10 April 2019

SAF HQ Sit-in


Sudanese Professionals Association