Angela Davis, in conversation with Scotland’s own amazing, Jackie Kay, magical poet and daughter of communists, spoke to thousands of students and local citizens in Cambridge on Tuesday. The event was so oversubscribed it was beamed live into university colleges such as Downing, and into the politics and sociology faculties. Angela captivated her young audience when she explained, “terms such as diversity and inclusion, are easily accommodated by capitalist institutions, from prisons to universities, unless they included the radical transformation of those institutions, along with the conditions that caused the problems that led to discrimination and repression.”

In the audience was The Morning Star’s best salesman, George Wills, 92 years young, from the South Essex branch of the Communist Party who met up with Angela at the close, to give her a copy of the people’s voice.

Angela said to George on receiving her paper, “ We need to continue to work for peace and justice – two things that have always been championed by the Morning Star”.


Communist Party of Britain