It is evident that the attack on the 21st was an Islam extremist barbaric attack. What is to be done now is to take measures to totally defeat Islam extremist ideology, individual and organizations that follow it. However, the measures being taken by the government don’t seem to be successful. The country cannot be brought back to normalcy without defeating this Islam extremist ideology. Mr Maithripala Sirisena as the President and Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister, instead of acting in a responsible manner for the country and the people, acted only as the leader of the SLFP or the leader of the UNP respectively from the day they came to power. They fought among themselves and wasted time plotting and conspiring against each other and endangered the national security. The conduct of the President and the Prime Minister after the incidents on the 21st was not a responsible one for the security of the Nation or the people. Both of them attempted to evade responsibility and put it on someone else’s shoulder but to carry out their power agendas. The statements made as the government were contradictory, false, infantile and immature ones. It was proved that they, leave alone the responsibility of the national security, do not deserve even to be a night watchman in a cooperative store.

After these incidents, the JVP never attempted to fish in troubled waters to get political advantage. The JVP has enough political slogans that it can use. We never used this tragedy for our political interests. Our approach is to give precedence to national security and the protection of the people. We emphasize that all elements, cliques and organizations that follow the sinister ideology that were involved in this Islam extremist barbaric attack should be eliminated. The government cannot evade the responsibility of this incident. It should speedily get involved in eradicating the Islam extremism. Also, other religious extremist elements raising their heads also should be thwarted.

The political leadership and leaders of security sections failed to prevent the carnage and also failed to take immediate steps after the attacks. As such, we emphasize that the military mechanism should be immediately reorganized. After the attacks on the 21st, the President had said the positions of all security forces would be reorganized within 24hours. However, no such measures have been taken yet.

The President and the Prime Minister should keep aside each other’s power interests at least temporarily should act as leaders who are responsible for the security of the people and the Nation. Instead of power politics, the President should act as the President of the country and the Prime Minister as the Prime Minister.

The people have an extraordinary responsiblity of defeating this Islam extremism. Islam extremists get protection inside the Muslim society. Islam extremist ideology is propagated inside the Muslim society. As such, the Muslim society has a special responsibility of defeating this Islam extremism. They should go beyond opposing extremism to actively mediate to defeat its ideological mechanism and defeat individuals and organizations linked to it. Extremism cannot be defeated without exposing the individuals and giving information regarding them. Also, the general public in our country tends to come to conclusions on any incident according to the political ideology they represent.

We ask all the people not to link this situation to each other’s political arena. If that happens it would help to nourish extremism. As such, we call upon the people to have an open mind regarding the incidents. Also, we ask people not to act on an impulse. This Islam extremism can be defeated if political parties, the general public and the government work together. If we divide ourselves politically, religiously and various other differences we all will have to get buried together. If we shed religious, political, communal and other differences and work together we could defeat extremism and rise up together. We have to decide whether to ‘divide and fall or to unite and rise up’.


People’s Liberation Front – JVP