Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change


Today, Monday April 8th, 2019, the Forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC), a consortium of civil society, labor and political organizations spearheading the ongoing popular revolution against the regime of Omer al-Bashir, in Sudan, announced that they have formed a council to facilitate the transfer of power to a transitional civilian government.

In a statement issued today, the DFC forces reiterated their call for al-Bashir regime’s unconditional surrender of power. It saluted the noble stance of officers and soldiers of the armed forced who offered protection to the peaceful demonstrators during an ongoing massive sit-in surrounding the headquarters of the armed forces in Khartoum that began on Saturday, April 6th.

Below is a full translation of the announcement:

Ever since the outbreak of their glorious revolution in December 2018, the Sudanese masses persisted at offering inspiring lessons in struggle and sacrifice and in coming up with creative methods and tactics of nonviolent resistance. In spite of oppression of all sorts, and the declaration of a state of emergency, the Sudanese revolutionaries have remained steadfast with their struggle.

All the sectors and groups that make up Sudanese society—women and men, young and old, in rural and urban areas—come out courageously, determined to put an end to a 30-year old farce, and to eradicate discrimination and intolerance. We salute those who sacrificed their lives for the nation, and the wounded and detainees who shall be released soon by the order of the people.

The Sudanese revolution has reached a decisive point on April the 6th, when the masses gathered in unprecedented numbers in front of the HQs of the Sudanese Armed Forces and made it clear they will hold their ground there until the regime is declared fallen.

These events have brought forth the best in the Sudanese people: cooperation, compassion and courage. There was never a moment of want for food or drink as individuals and organizations, private and public, competed to cover the needs of all. The ingeniousness of this nation is capable of achieving more and creating more all the way towards comprehensive change.

On behalf of the people, we salute the honorable officers and soldiers of the armed forces who protected protestors and their right to peacefully expressing their will.

At this critical moment in our history, and in response to the demands of the people, we, the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC), announce the following:

First, we assert the people’s demands for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the head of the regime and his government;

Second, the formation of a council comprising the DFC forces and collaborating revolutionary forces, charged  with the task of  liaising with the state’s regular forces as well as with local and international actors to finalize the process of political transition and the handing over of power to a transitional civilian government that enjoys the support of the people and reflects the aspirations of the revolutionary forces;

Third, we call on the armed forces to support the Sudanese people’s choice of change and transition towards a democratic civil rule, to discontinue any support for the current illegitimate regime, and to preempt its desperate attempts to drag the country into violence, circumvent the demands of the revolution or reproduce itself. This shall be achieved through direct communication and coordination between the DFC forces and the leadership of the armed forces to facilitate a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional government;

Fourth, we call upon the regional and international community to support the demands of the people’s revolution. We reiterate our earnest desire to build constructive and balanced regional and international relations based on mutual respect, good neighborliness and cooperation for the benefit of common interests, peace, stability and prosperity for all; and

Fifth, we call upon the popular masses in the capital and the provinces to continue with revolutionary direct action and to hold their ground, in the streets and courtyards, until the departure of this regime. The DFC forces shall continue to be with the masses through coordination and mobilization.

We, at DFC Forces, pledge to move steadfastly with our people towards finalizing the change process. The dawn of salvation is nigh, thanks to the resilience and courage of the revolutionaries. Soon, our people will reap the fruit of their work, patience and struggle for a homeland where all those who belong to it equally enjoy freedom, peace, justice and development.

Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change

April 8, 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association