Photo: MPPRESocial, student and political movements of Syria that support the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela attended a conference at the University of Damascus on Thursday, in which Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza participated as speaker.

This solidarity conference aimed to expose the reality that crosses the Venezuelan people, who have been attacked by the Trump administration, the US president who has imposed unilateral sanctions aimed at overthrowing the national government.

In his speech, the Minister pointed out that those peoples who decided to be free and independent face a common struggle.

“Each region of the world has its own history and its own codes, but there are struggles that are common, the people that decide to be free and fight against the empire are always in a common struggle”, said Arreaza.

The Venezuelan official recalled that the war in Syria led by the United States and that has left a balance of more than 500,000 people dead, resembles what the US empire aims to do with Venezuela by threatening and trying to impose a military intervention in the Caribbean nation.

“Eight years later and here, still at the head of his people and battle, is President Bashar Al-Assad, it is not coincidence the same happened with President Hugo Chávez and now with President Nicolás Maduro”, said the FM when referring to the invasion that the United States will execute against the Syrian people.

The Venezuelan diplomat added that the sanctions and threats of military intervention that weigh on Venezuela are part of “a format, a pattern” that the United States has implemented throughout its history, with countries such as Syria and Serbia, so that the people reveal and promote violence that justifies interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries.
“The recipe that was applied to Syria as well as the one applied to Serbia is a format, it is a pattern. Nobody has the power to sanction another country. They block countries, they want their people to go hungry so that they reveal themselves against their government. The United States does not have the power to sanction a country”, he said.

In this regard, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza indicated that the Venezuelan government remains vigilant to avoid military aggression, which is why he recalled the calls for dialogue and understanding made by the head of state, Nicolás Maduro.

“In Venezuela, we are in a process to avoid a war. President Maduro has called both, the Venezuelan opposition and the government of the United Statesfor for the understanding, but the few times the opposition have managed to sit down, they just waist time and do not sign the agreements”, he said.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela