The coup that was intended to consummate this Tuesday in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is part of a series of unsuccessful strategies of the local opposition to take political power by unconstitutional means, emphasized the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza.

In an interview granted to the Colombian media Radio Caracol, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister stressed that this action, contrary to national legislation, has no major consequences nor the repercussion that is trying to be projected to the international level.

“The country is in absolute calm, there is just a distributor of a highway, that is, a small bridge over a highway where there are a number of leaders of the Venezuelan coup opposition and a couple of dozens of soldiers. That is what we have at this moment, the country is in absolute normality”, said the diplomat.

Similarly, he stressed that the military forces have been deployed to ensure the peace of society, “so there is no need to worry”.

In this context, he asked the media, especially international agencies, to have a rigorous treatment of this information.

Complicity of the US and Colombia

Minister Arreaza reiterated that the coup attempt, whose most direct antecedent is found in the self-proclamation of Juan Guaidó as “president in charge of Venezuela” on January 23, has been promoted from the centers of power in the United States.

“The US spokesmen have declared themselves at the head of this coup d’état, from President Trump himself, Bolton, Pompeo; and then down the chain of command to Mr. Duque in Colombia, and then in Venezuela to the extremist opposition”, he said.

In the case of Colombia, it synthesized the denunciations made by the National Executive since August 4 when the attempted assassination was perpetrated against President Nicolás Maduro. According to intelligence information, the perpetrators of this attack were trained in Colombian territory while one of the intellectual authors, the opponent Julio Borges, has been protected by Duque’s government, rejecting an extradition request from the Venezuelan State.

“There is no but evidence after evidence, a shower of evidence of how the Colombian authorities are in the chain of command in this coup against Venezuela”, he added.

Dialogue with the opposition

Apart from this situation, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister ratified the National Government’s willingness to establish a new mechanism for dialogue with sectors of the opposition and, in this regard, he appreciated the efforts of the Montevideo Mechanism and, even, the International Contact Group leading to facilitate conversations.

“But they have found a wall in the opposition. Eventually all these failures will have to lead them to a dialogue table and this will be solved by the only possible way in democracy which is the constitutional and peaceful way”, he stressed.

The Minister Foreign Relations also asserted that President Nicolás Maduro is in his command post giving the daily instructions of government while the Venezuelan people are concentrated in the vicinity of the Miraflores Palace in defense of democracy and in support of the chief of the State.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela