On the Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings before the Tuesday, April 9, general elections, mailboxes belonging to residents of Tel Aviv were stuffed with new a campaign flyer from Hadash-Ta’al that reads, “Your neighbor is an Arab,” to remind Israel’s majority Jewish population that more than one fifth of their fellow citizens are Arabs.

The message simply quotes from the Hadash-Ta’al electoral platform: that “a fifth of Israel’s population is Arab” and, something that should be taken for granted: they are legitimate and equal citizens.

The Hadash-Ta’al campaign argues that the Jewish Israelis’ Arab neighbors are facing a concerted attack from the racist Nation-State Law Government which seeks to incite against one fifth of the population and de-legitimize them politically.

Instead, the recipients of the flyer are urged to respond to the Right’s unrestrained campaign of hate and fear by choosing a true alternative, one that promotes equality, peace, and democracy, and to flock to the polls and cast their ballots for true equality, a Jewish-Arab partnership, by voting Hadash-Ta’al.


Communist Party of Israel