In Algeria’s presidential elections, originally scheduled for April 18, but now postponed to a date yet to be set, the Partie Algérien pour la Démocratie et le Socialisme (Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism, or PADS), which is the country’s communist party, is calling for the working class to reject not only the incumbent president, Abdelazziz Bouteflika, but any candidate that represents the same policies as the incapacitated 80 year old Bouteflika, who has been president since 1999.

Bouteflika’s announcement that he would seek a fifth term has led to intense protests in Algeria, and he has now withdrawn his candidacy.  But PADS warns the working class, small farmers and youth not to allow a mere substitution of “Hadj Moussa for Moussa Hadj” (approximately, Tweedledum for Tweedledee), as this would continue to allow Algeria’s resources, including its oil wealth, to be exploited for the exclusive benefit of a parasitical ruling class.


Communist Party USA