Joint Statement by the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change on the Formulation of Transitional Civil Government.

The Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change have arrived at a final conceptual framework for the structural functions of the Transitional Civil Authority. The process was a product of an integrated vision developed in accordance with the Freedom and Change Declaration as endorsed by the popular masses and their active revolutionary forces.

A delegation from the Freedom and Change Declaration Forces has since informed the leadership of the Armed Forces of a summary of this envisaged framework as well as the intended steps to be taken in the following days to commence the handover to a transitional civil authority.

The Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces’ governance vision was summarized at three levels of the Transitional Civil Authority, in accordance with the Interim Constitution, already drafted by the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces, below is an overview of the prescribed structure:

First, a Presidential Council entrusted with carrying out the sovereign functions of the State.

Second, a small council of ministers composed of national competent cadres with the relevant professional experience, integrity and fast-steadiness. Those are tasked with the day to day executive roles as well as the implementation of an emergency governance program for the transitional period.

Third, a transitional civil statutory council to carry out the transitional legislative tasks, in which women represent no less than 40%. The council’s will assimilate within its structure the youth and women coalitions from the revolutionary forces. Due consideration of the ethnic, religious and cultural diverse makeup of Sudanese society will be taken into account to ensure fair representation.

These institutions are tasked with the implementation of the Freedom and Change Declaration as endorsed by the people.

The constituent figures of the transitional civilian authority structures will be announced in the next few days, following the completion of an extensive consultation process, which will ensure a fair and balanced representation of all the Sudanese revolutionary forces. The process will prioritize means of linking a civil transfer of power to the issue of ending conflict and the building of a comprehensive and sustainable peace through dialogue with the armed movements who are already represented within the Freedom and Change Declaration Forces. We call on those who have not signed the Declaration to join its ranks now in unification with the essence of the revolution in order to achieve a peaceful and comprehensive civil transition that addresses the issues of the country without fragmentation and in line with an ordered prioritization of issues.

Our country is at a pivotal juncture, one that requires a unified stance to combat the counterforces working effortlessly to abort the revolution through the spread of rumours and suspicious questioning of the components of the Declaration, despite it having emanated from the demands of the popular revolution and its evolvement with its changing requirements, yet to achieve its end goal.

Our people’s ongoing strikes and protests represent the guarantor for carrying out the revolution’s aims. We intend to hold on to them and organise within its ranks until the Transitional Civil Authority takes over the reins of governance in country. We trust that victory for our people is imminent and we reiterate that no force will preclude us from realising its goals.

Freedom, Peace and Justice…. Revolution is a people’s prerogative

Signatories to the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change
18 April 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association