Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other and making statements and behaving in a manner to get petty political advantage amidst barbaric Islamic extremists’ bomb attacks but overlook party politics at least for a short period and work according to a national agenda to avoid the country becoming a prey to this calamity says the Information Secretary of the JVP Comrade Vijitha Herath.

He said this participating in the debate on emergency regulations held in Parliament yesterday (24th).

He questioned the government as to why political decisions were not taken despite intelligence reports were available regarding the attacks.

He said, “First of all we express our heartfelt condolences to all those families whose members’ lives were lost and speedy recovery for all those injured in the carnage in which 359 persons lost their lives and more than 500 were injured.

These attacks were barbaric, inhuman and organized. We condemn these attacks with disgust. We should clearly understand these attacks as a barbaric, inhuman and an organized crime committed by barbaric Islamic extremist fundamentalists. Throughout the last few years, this extremist group spread its ideology and strengthened its organization. This carnage is the result of such activities.”


People’s Liberation Front – JVP