Press conference to declare the transitional civilian authority, at the sit-in grounds, Khartoum

We call on the masses of our proud people, all the local, regional and international media, and diplomatic missions to attend and cover the press conference to be held on the grounds of the sitdown strike (sit-in) on Sunday, 21st of April, at 7:00pm Sudan time.

At the press conference, the names of those selected for the membership of the civilian Sovereign Council, which will assume the responsibilities of the sovereign head of state (collectively) for the transitional period, will be announced. Additionally, details will be mentioned, at the conference, about the progress of efforts of forming the other civilian authorities, namely the civilian legislative council and civilian council of ministers, whose names will be announced later on.

This move is based on the vision of the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC), which announced three tiers of the Transitional Civilian Authority, acting in accordance with the Interim Constitutional document that was drafted by the DFC forces.

First: a civilian presidential council that carries out the sovereign functions of the state.

Second: a small civilian council of ministers composed of nationals with competencies of professional experience and integrity, performs the executive tasks and the implementation of the emergency program for the transitional period.

Third: A transitional civilian legislative council that carries out transitional legislative tasks, in which women represent no less than 40%. It includes all the revolutionary forces of youth and women and takes into consideration the Sudanese ethnic, religious and cultural diversity.

These institutions carry out the implementation of what the masses of our people have declared in the DFC.

The Sudanese Professionals Association

19 April 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association