With thousands of peaceful protestors literally besieging the headquarters of the Sudanese Armed Forces and packing the surrounding streets, calling for the departure of al-Bashir’s regime, the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change called on the protestors to “stay the course” until the regime kneels.

“This is your long-awaited moment. You have broken the tyranny’s nose. It is time that the dictator and his regime surrendered the power they had usurped,” the DFC forces said in statement issued just now.

“At this historic moment, we urge you to stay the course along the streets surrounding the Headquarters of the Armed Forces, and in every site across the country, until the tyranny is dismantled once and for all.”

The DFC forces lauded the positive stand of the Armed Forces, who “were up to the expectations of their people”, and urged them to announce “today rather than tomorrow their full alignment with the people and their disassociation with al-Bashir’s regime.”

“Today is the day of triumph. The October Revolution of 1964 is born anew, and April 1985 is embracing April 2019. We will never go back until our country has regained its freedom,” the statement said.

April 6, 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association