We reiterate our utter rejection of Thursday’s April 11 internal coup d’état, and its military council follow up press conference. This rejection is informed by the people’s experience and familiarity of the various forms of trickery, absurdity, and farce, particularly from the current regime, who from the very start of its reign did so through false propaganda.

Indeed, the regime could not even come up with a story coherent enough to confuse and destabilize the unity of the popular movement. Their theatrics left little doubt that their play was nothing more than an attempt to window dress same regime that the people have revolted against and sought to uproot.

Our demands are clear, fair, and legitimate. However, the coup perpetrators (Security Committee) are incapable of bringing about the aspired change because they are solely concerned with maintaining their grip on power even if this jeopardizes the country’s stability. As such, they are not in a position to answer to our legitimate demands for the immediate handing over of power to a transitional civil government.

The figures that had rendered a good performance of the “villain” role now intending to take on the role of “hero” as well, are figures with a known track record for conspiring against the country having actively engaged in destroying its potential. This historical record is not admired by the Sudanese people and will not be overlooked just because one designation was replaced with another.

Our people who have patiently endured, this coup, led by a group embroiled in tyranny and injustices places the country at a renewed risk of enduring the same farce, staged for the last 30 years, a farce in which murder, tragedy, injustice, violence, marginalization, racism, corruption, nepotism are condoned, and where manipulation and monopolization of law and constitutional order are the norm.

We will never veer away from the revolutionary path, and we vow to give our people their deserved upper hand over the “remaining lot” of the regime. Our martyrs have sacrificed their lives for the sake of delivering our people to the realms of justice, freedom, and peace.

We will continue to resist the emergency law and its imposed curfew as well as all other security resolutions introduced through the coup, and we will triumph, as we did before against all forms of violence and intimidation that the regime will employ against the people.

Our pledge for a peaceful resistance remains, and our promise and oath to the continuation of revolution remains until the fulfilment of the demands of the declaration of freedom and change, while continuing to welcome and consider initiatives that restore social and political order. Meanwhile, our hopes in the honourable officers and soldiers in the armed forces are intact. After all, they made all the difference and tilted the scale in favour of the people in the face of oppression. We count on them as the hour of change dawns and in ensuring the revolution is safe and protected as they were in the line of fire when the cowards retreated.

SPA Media Team
April 12, 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association