This Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described as “sinister” the plans that the United States government intends to present to the United Nations (UN), through a resolution to recognize its protege, Juan Guaidó, as president of Venezuela.

“Russia urged the US to refuse the military option as a solution to the situation in Venezuela”, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman María Zajárova.

“I would like to reiterate once again, a potential violent scenario, if that is what the representatives of the US authorities are implying, would be harmful and unwise, but it harbors the danger of unleashing a civil war”, said the diplomat.

“What really causes us serious concern is the unhealthy reiteration by representatives of the Trump administration of the idea that all options are on the table”, she said.

Likewise, Zajárova pointed out that “the Russian Foreign Ministry does not see reasons to impose on Venezuela a supposed humanitarian aid”.

In addition, on Wednesday, during the extraordinary meeting of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, the representative of Russia, Vasili Nebenzia, strongly rejected the actions of the United States against the sovereignty of Venezuela.

From that scenario, the Russian representative noted that “Washington artificially causes a crisis in the Caribbean country to change the legitimate president for his protege”.

“So far this year, the US has deprived Venezuela of 30 billion dollars by claiming that it now belongs to the imposter Guaidó, while the total damage to the Venezuelan economy from the actions of the US since 2013 is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars”, denounced Nebenzia.

Finally, he emphasized that “the situation in Venezuela does not threaten the world peace and security, while external actors directly threaten Venezuela’s peace and security. This situation must be resolved through dialogue between the government and the opposition”.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela