Through social justice (equality), we will be able to achieve equality among the members of our society, where everyone is entitled to healthcare, education and work opportunities, political rights, sharing of the country’s wealth and other rights, regardless of their sex, gender, religious or political beliefs.

By achieving social justice, we can fulfill fundamental human values, such as love, dedication, and human dignity, together with fostering the values of equality and solidarity among members of the society.

Social justice is one of the main objectives of our revolution. It stands side by side with advancing collective leadership. Both cannot be achieved in the absence of freedoms, where injustice, corruption and favoritism prevail.

Therefore, today’s march is unique, because it calls for a fundamental goal for our revolution. We call upon all to use this march as a venue to propagate the messages, objectives and goals of our revolution for a bright future and an institutional nation state.


Sudanese Professionals Association