Statement on the meeting between the Armed Forces and the liaising delegation representing the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change

Our Noble People,

First, we confirm that we have received several observations which express concerns regarding the representation of the liaising delegation. These observations demanded a fair inclusion of the different regions of Sudan, plus women and the various revolutionary bodies that reflect the unique diversity of our country. These are limitations which we apologize for and promise to correct immediately. It is your revolution and it is you who make decisions first and foremost. We do not lead, but express your hopes and aspirations and strive to be up to this great responsibility.

Our Great People,

A delegation of the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change met on Saturday, April 13, 2019, with the leaders of the Armed Forces. The delegation heard clarifications concerning the steps taken by the military establishment, whereas the deputies of the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change have presented their vision of the urgent steps necessary to enhance trust between the parties, which included:

1. The vision of the masses of the Sudanese people, which we adopt in the forces signatory of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, requires the full implementation of all that is stated in the Declaration of Freedom and Change, with the major issue being the immediate handover of power to a transitional civil government agreed upon by the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change. This government will run the country for four years under the protection of the Armed Forces.
2. End of war and peace-building are top priorities among transitional issues. It is essential that the armed groups take full part in the transitional arrangements to avoid repeating our country’s negative past experiences. Moreover, issues related to marginalization have to be addressed fully, and past grievances and abuses must be handled through transitional justice mechanisms.

3. Dissolving the National Congress Party and transfer its property to the state.

4. Dissolving the security apparatus, the Popular Defense and the militias of the National Congress party.

5. Revealing the names of the detainees of the defunct regime and the location of their detentions.

6. Eliminating the control of the security apparatus by the National Congress Party.

7. The need to restructure and reform the judicial institutions and the civil services and ensure their nationalism and neutrality.

8. The need to reform the economic institutions of the state and free them from the deep state’s control.

9. The abolition of all laws restricting freedoms, and the removal of all regulations and legal frameworks devoted to the oppression of women, with the introduction of a comprehensive legal reform.

10. The release of all political prisoners and detainees, including all officers and soldiers who have defended the revolution.

The forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change promised to submit a detailed vision of the transitional arrangements to the leaders of the armed forces . On their part, the leadership of the Army promised to carry out the tasks related to the transfer of the properties of the National Congress Party to the state, the release of detainees, the repealing of all restrictive laws and the restructuring of the security apparatus.

We, the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change emphasize that it is the popular movement which has produced and continue to produce the changes, and that we submit our vision to the Armed Forces only to be implemented.

Our unity and your courageous sit-ins guarantee the accomplishment of the will of the people.

The forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change
14 April 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association