Dear officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Sudanese armed forces;

We address you today in the midst of this popular people’s revolution that straddles all regions of the Sudan since the middle of December 2018; a revolution that reflects the accumulated popular anger against the injustices perpetrated by the so-called Salvation Regime since it usurped power on 30 June 1989. The most important of these grievances are the following:

– The National Islamic Front (NIF) infiltration of the civil and military institutions of the state, eradicating its mandatory ‘national’ nature, and the formation of militias operating outside the law.

– Subjecting our foreign policy to regional and international blocks interests, in search of support to ensure survival of the regime at the expense of dignity and national interests. This includes engaging Sudan’s proud armed forces in regional wars, against our national interests.

– The violating the principle of equality in development and citizenship rights, in addition to inciting racial discord and disregarding cultural diversity of our country, which has eventually led to the secession/independence as the consensus choice of our southern brothers, and contributed to the waging of civil wars in other parts of the country.

– The widespread violations of human rights of the Sudanese in general, with the outbreak of civil wars in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile, where the regime’s atrocities  are deemed  to amount to genocide and crimes against humanity, resulting in the loss of millions of dear lives of unarmed civilians; the loss of property and land and the destruction of villages, forcibly displacing citizens to camps of displacement and asylum in situations that lack the most basic requirements for decent living.

– Huge spending on the regime’s various security organs, that are responsible for the abhorrent violations of freedom of citizens, and which has syphoned the resources of the country, debilitated production, productivity and social services.

– Unprecedented exacerbation of chronic crises as a result of the policies of empowerment of the ruling party, hiring the non-efficient and firing the competent and experienced. As a result of the normalization of corruption, the state has aborted all productive entities of all kind and those responsible for running the state are adamant on destroying major national productive projects.

– Unrivaled Upsurge of poverty and oppression, which has led to massive drainage in trained human resources.

– Adopting corrupt and injudicious policies that have eventually led to the collapse of the economy, the national currency and the Sudanese banking system, leaving the Sudanese citizens to fight for survival in the face of soaring prices of living necessities while, at the same time overburdening them with rising taxes and levies.

– Suppression of legitimate protests against these injustices by killing, torture, arrest and encroachment on the sanctity of homes, hospitals and places of worship.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Sudanese armed forces:

– The coup d’etat of June 30, 1989 has denigrated the image of the armed forces and beleaguered their servicemen with expulsions and dismissals. The regime has forced the army to abandon professionalism in favor of one-sided political affiliation and the creation of parallel bodies and militias. It dragged the Sudanese army into civil wars, inviting the animosity of vast social forces that hitherto had an important presence within the armed forces. Instead of the professional task of defending the homeland, the role of the armed forces was shriveled into merely protecting the head of the regime and his cohorts. Corruption, cronyism and tribalism have bourgeoned within the armed forces as a substitute for professionalism. The ongoing and irreversible revolution offers a great opportunity to rebuild and restructure the armed forces and therefore our people are ardent in submitting this memorandum to you, urging you to take the right side of history in support their righteous demands, invoking the legacy of your patriotic comrades in arms have done since the 1924 Revolution.

– The forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change are scrutinizing,  with real concern, the ruses of the head of the regime, Omar al-Bashir to embroil the armed forces in the midst of the political conflict and use them as a protective shield against the legitimate demands of the mass movement; calling for  democracy; just peace; social justice; the elimination of the one-party system and its consequent party-empowerment, and accountability for the crimes committed. The current commander in chief of the armed forces is a real burden on this institution, who is adamant on exploiting it for his own personal protection and consequently his regime. It is to the undoubted benefit of both the armed forces and the people of Sudan to endorse a new democratic regime that will work towards putting an end to raging wars; directing resources for the welfare of the people and rehabilitating the ransacked institutions of the state, including the armed forces. We, therefore, call upon you to side by the Sudanese people as you have done previously, in two crucial moments in our history; in October 1964 and April 1985, and as did the Tunisian army when Ben Ali was confronted with the people’s revolution. Our people will not accept a replacement of the current dictatorship by another one. We have had enough of what was rendered in the name of the Sudanese armed forces. We therefore call upon you to stand in support of the demands of the masses and to carry out your most sacred constitutional duty of protecting and preserving the homeland.

– The forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change include, in addition to civic society forces; significantly important other armed groups, who have been at war with the Sudanese armed forces. Yet, the we are all fully prepared to participate in transitional arrangements that will put an end to the war and achieve just peace and end decades of engaging the armed forces in civil wars. This is the hope of all Sudanese in areas of conflict – a hope that the current people’s revolution is capable of realizing,  and which, we believe, is an important and key issue for the  Sudanese armed forces.


We are fully confident that the people will win. That is what history teaches us, but few tyrants take heed. We hold a great hope that you will make the call of duty and conscience win by  aligning with the people and their revolution in restoring a civil, democratic rule and achieving just peace and balanced development.

Long live the Sudanese people, free and enjoying freedom, dignity, development, peace and democracy

The Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change

April 5, 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association