Federations and Regional Trade Unions across the country support the just struggle of the workers in the Public Gas Company (DEPA) that are employed through contractors, for permanent and stable job.

The liberalization of the energy market, which is being promoted by both the current government and New Democracy, not only obliges workers’ households to pay more and more into the pocket, but also increases the exploitation of the workers from the dozens of “modern slavery” contractor companies, that do not recognize a series of workers rights.

The demands of DEPA employees are the demands of hundreds of thousands of workers in the country, and that’s why we all have a duty to stand with solidarity in the struggle they give  with their union.

  • Permanent and stable work for all employees, hiring all colleagues from contractors in DEPA
  • Signing of a Company Collective Agreement and incorporating contracted employees into it, with recognition of their seniority, until their establishment. No one with salary under 751 euros.
  • Signing of Sectoral Collective Agreement that will act as a safety net for Company Collective Agreements and will set lower wages for all those working in the infrastructure and trading of gas, regardless of companies.
  • Low prices for the household, for social infrastructure, for farmers.
  • Infrastructure projects to ensure the country’s energy self-sufficiency and security and not the profits of domestic and international monopoly groups, through a Public Energy Agency operating based on wider social needs.

It is the duty and interest of all trade unions to support with all our strength the effort to spread to all sectors the struggle of the contractors working in DEPA, actively express the class solidarity

The struggles against privatization should be escalated, we should struggle for the abolition of the “slave offices”, for stable and permanent work for all.            


National Federation of Construction Workers of Greece

National Federation of Textile Workers

National Federation of Press and Printing Workers

National Federation of Workers in Pharmaceutical Industries

National Federation of Workers in Food and Drinks Industries

National Federation of Accountants

National Federation of Workers’ Associations in the Ministry of Agriculture

National Federation of Pensioners



Regional Trade Union of Agrinio

Regional Trade Union of Arta

Regional Trade union of Northern Dodecanese

Regional Trade union of Zakynthos

Regional Trade union of Thesprotia

Regional Trade union of Ioannina

Regional Trade union of Kefalonia – Ithaca

Regional Trade union of Lamia

Regional Trade union of Larissa

Regional Trade union of Lavrio

Regional Trade union of Lesvos

Regional Trade union of Lefkada

Regional Trade union of Naoussa

Regional Trade union of Samos


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)