Our dignified people, what is tajing place in the cities of Nyala and Zalingei by the security services and remnants of the regime in terms of ending the peaceful sit-in is a serious threat to the Revolution and its gains. We, in the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, categorically reject and condemn the violence by the security services, which led to many injuries. It is a violent act that sends us back to square one.

The remnants of the former regime and their pockets in the organs of the state are still holding power and have relentlessly been trying to steal the precious essence of the Revolution’s peacefulness. What the elements of the regime used to pursue in terms of discrimination, instilling sedition and igniting violence will not deter our will to help the Revolution attain its goals and objectives in a peaceful and noble manner. The Revolution’s peacefulness is the prooof of its strength and honesty of its goals.

The act of disbursing the sit-in in the city of Nyala by force and terrorising the sit-in rebels, using hail of bullets and cans of the teargas, are practices that reflect the continuation of the same practices of the old regime of deprivation of the right to peaceful expression, terrorising the peaceful revolutionaries and the perpetuation of racism that is the weapon of the corrupt regime. The skirmishes undertaken by some armed elements prove that the old method of the toppled regime still continues. This demonstrates the importance of continuing our commitment to change until the goals of this Revolution are realized.

Our Revolution was not, nor will be, stooped by the use of bullets and tear gas. Such would only rekindle it’s flame. The fire that the security forces are trying to ignite here and there will increase the light to illuminate the road. The targeting of the rebels of Nyala and Zalingei will spur us to more resistance until all the objectives of the Revolution are achieved, in rejection of violence, throwing the yokes of tyranny and restoring full justice.

Our sit-ins will continue, and the revolutionaries will strengthen the tools of peaceful struggle by preparing for the general political strike and complete civil disobedience.

The Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change
May 4, 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association