“Attackers from the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington try to force their way into the building, risking the physical integrity of the people inside. The authorities do not protect the diplomatic immunity of the building or the personal safety of those who use it”, denounced on Wednesday the permanent representative of Venezuela to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, after a violent group attacked the diplomatic headquarters.

In this regard, Ambassador Moncada ruled that these criminal acts, violate international law and the Vienna Convention, backed by the US government, are a clear example of the plans they intend to implement throughout Venezuela.

“This is a window to the future that those who pray for Trump’s military invasion of Venezuela dream of. It is not a new country but a violent nightmare, racist and full of hate, this is the past that will not return. What happens in our Embassy is a sample of what they want to do with all of Venezuela. The war booty justifies the violence”, said the Venezuelan diplomat.

Likewise, he reaffirmed the will of the majority of the peoples who are in favor of peace and nonviolence. “Majorities in the US and Venezuela do not want to be cannon fodder for Trump’s wars. In Washington there are two sides that will mark history, a majority that wants peace and a minority that is thirsty for war. Our brothers are those who fight for peace”.

On Jan. 27, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said in a statement that Washington accepted Carlos Vecchio, who is the representative of the self-proclaimed president, Juan Guaidó, as Venezuela’s business manager. Since then, all the norms and principles of international law have been flagrantly violated, as well as Article 22 of the Vienna Convention which reads as follows:

1. The premises of the mission are inviolable. The agents of the receiving State may not enter them without the consent of the head of mission.

2. The receiving State has a special obligation to take all appropriate measures to protect the premises of the mission against any intrusion or damage and to avoid disturbing the tranquility of the mission or undermining its dignity.

3. The premises of the mission, its furniture and other assets located in them, as well as the means of transport of the mission, may not be subject to any search, requisition, seizure or execution measure.

From that date and up to the present, representatives and social activists joined the diplomats and locals, who remained in the diplomatic headquarters to reject the unjust abuse that Washington is carrying out, and raise the voice supporting the people of Venezuela in defense of their sovereignty.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela