Britain’s Communists have sounded the alarm about the ‘rapidly escalating danger of war’ in the Middle East and Latin America.

Addressing the Communist Party’s political committee on Wednesday evening, Liz Payne said all the signs pointed to a military conflagration provoked by the US regime in alliance with Saudi Arabia, Israel and Britain.

‘US imperialism is determined to exercise unchallenged, absolute power over those regions of the world that are rich in natural resources – and that means controlling or eliminating non-compliant governments in Iran and Venezuela’, she warned.

The Communist Party chair pointed to recent US pronouncements trying to link the Tehran and Caracas regimes with terrorism and threats to US interests and regional security particularly in relation to Iran and Iraq. She was reporting back from an international conference in Guantanamo hosted by the Cuban affiliate of the World Peace Council.

‘Meanwhile, the US military build-up in the Gulf and on Venezuela’s borders has intensified alongside sanctions designed to promote internal misery, subversion and rebellion’, Ms declared.

In particular, she pointed to the fresh deployment of US forces to bases in Bahrain and British-occupied Akrotiri (Cyprus) and Diego Garcia.

‘Make no mistake, British imperialism is fully complicit in these preparations for war following US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent visit to London and to NATO and EU officials in Brussels’, the convenor of the British Peace Assembly added.

She urged the Labour Party to develop a fully independent foreign and defence policy for Britain, free from the NATO and EU obligations to increase military spending in a subordinate alliance with US imperialism.

The Communist Party also called for a large ‘Red Bloc’ on the demonstration planned for June 4 in London against the state visit of US President Trump, denouncing US-British-NATO-EU imperialism and its endless drive to rearmament, expansionism and war.


Communist Party of Britain