The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) strongly and unequivocally condemns the new, violent, pro-imperialist plot against Venezuela and its people carried out this week by extreme right-wing forces with the support of a group of the country’s military, and the backing of Trump’s US administration, the European Union and reactionary governments of the so-called “Lima Group.”

The CPI furthermore denounces the continuing systematic acts of destabilization through which the US is seeking to aggravate the economic situation of Venezuela and increase the difficulties that its people face: attempted coups, boycotts, terrorist actions, sabotage of the electrical network and water supply, speculation and hoarding, sanctions, the threat of military intervention, and the economic, financial, political and diplomatic blockade against the country.

The CPI reaffirms its solidarity with the Bolivarian forces, the Communist Party of Venezuela and the Venezuelan people and their struggle in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and the sovereignty of their homeland.


Communist Party of Israel