The National Union of Musicians Greece, member of PAME and WFTU salutes the mobilization of the people in the fields of literature and arts, of Greece and worldwide, who oppose the laundering attempt of the butcher- state of Israel, via the event of Eurovision Song Contest.

The utilization of the event of Eurovision for the laundering of the state of Israel does not come in contrast with the values of Eurovision, nor with those of the EU, on the contrary this situation reveals exactly the nature of the values they both serve. Eurovision, as an institution explicitly promotes a bogus “common European cultural identity”, as well as the “ideals and values” of the European Union.

At the same time, we see that each year the geopolitical “chessboard” points out the winner of the Eurovision or at least dictates the main topic of discussion that prevails or gains publicity. A characteristic example of this is that of the award given to a Ukrainian song, two years ago, “lamenting” the Nazi collaborators, of Ukraine, killed during the World War II. This occurred during the peak period, of the USA-EU intervention in Ukraine and the imposition of a new regime, with the participation of fascists.

With regard to this year’s organization of the Eurovision, the attitude of both the EU and all of its member states, towards the state of Israel, will forever be known as a monument of political hypocrisy.

USA’s political leaders and those of the EU are committed allies of the state of Israel, and support its “right of self-defense”, which is of course, the right to illegally occupy the Palestinian land, while at the same time, turning whatever free zones are still left, into a living hell for the Palestinians, who are systematically murdered and imprisoned without charges, even if they are children.

We refuse to stand aside and watch, yet one more “theatrical play”, perfectly aligned with the latest report of the US State Department, for the international role of our country. The Government of SYRIZA, which has the audacity to pretend to be a friend of the Palestinian people, serves the same “values” with the governments of Israel, the European Union and the United States. More and more, they upgrade their diplomatic relations with the state of Israel, in every level. Besides, the new joint military exercise of Greece- Israel and the Saudi Arabia, for the scenario of a conflict with Russia, is very recent.

We, the artists cannot sit by and watch, in front of such dire developments. More importantly, we cannot play a leading role in the laundering of such criminal designs.

We rise for the promotion of a culture that stems from society itself and is addressed to the society. A common culture not to be bought and sold, but to be used for the progress of the society.

We demand from the Greek government to withdraw the Greek participation in Eurovision and “embargo” of the Eurovision event, from state-owned media.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)