PGFTUIn a press statement issued Saturday evening, the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) condemned the anti-BDS resolution by the youth organization of the German United Sevices Union (ver.di) and its political attack on the activities of the international boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) against the Israeli occupation state. PGFTU equally condemned the association with the General Federation of Israeli Trade Unions’ (Histadrut) position regarding its dissatisfaction with the movement of the global boycott of Israel.

In its press statement, the Union stressed its firm positions stemming from the positions of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its legitimate institutions, including the National and Central Councils, and to abide by them and not to be excluded from them.

The statement added that the union and its trade unions will remain biased along with the interests, positions and objectives of the Palestinian workers, which are the goals of their people. [Because of the occupation,] they are limited in their internal trade union systems and their action to pursue their declared national liberation and social struggles. The PGFTU is not interested in any relations that do not clearly intersect with those goals.

The statement stressed unequivocally that there is no ambition, as stated in the statement or statements of the German youth movement or other international bodies, to defend the Israeli occupation.

The Federation reminded its continued condemnation of the attempts by the Israeli occupation forces to clamp down on Palestinian workers and to pursue them by the occupation army, and to kill them at Israeli military checkpoints without hesitation in more than one incident.

The efforts of the General Federation of Palestine Trade Unions are pouring more than ever to create relations of international worker solidarity to enable our workers and our people to obtain safe and risk-free employment opportunities.

The Israeli labor market has become fertile place for life-threatening working conditions. Since the beginning of this year, 32 Palestinian workers have died under Israeli work contracts due to discrimination, resulting in neglect of human working conditions and the most basic health and safety standards, mostly in the construction sector.

Source: Maan News / RedGlobe