The highly anticipated third round of talks between the Sudanese Professionals Association and the Transitional Military Council (TMC) was wound up last night without reaching agreement on the outstanding issues.

In a statement issued after the meeting, SPA blamed the failure on TMC’s insistence on “putting the cart before the horse”, in reference to the Council’s uncompromising demand that it holds the majority of seats, and the chairmanship, of the Sovereign Council. SPA dismissed that stance as against the intent and purposes of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC), which envisages a civil authority structure at all levels of governance, including the sovereign council. SPA announced the start of the build up towards civil disobedience and a general strike. Since the call the general stike was issued, many professional bodies and associations declared their readiness to answer the call.

Below are highlights of the statement.

Yesterday a new round of talks between the DFC Forces and the TMC was held and we can say in all transparency that the Military Council is still placing the sovereign council cart before the revolution’s horse and is determined to undermine the DFC objectives.

We, at SPA, believe that the cart must be pushed aside to let the revolution’s horse run its course to the finish line. TMC’s insistence on having a sovereign council with a military majority and headed by a military figure falls short of meeting the Revolution’s objectives.

The DFC has clearly identified “civil authority” as an indispensable tool for change. Such civil authority cannot be attained by merely replacing an old military power with a new one. The DFC forces’s intention is to have a system of government where all the structures of governance are purely civilian and a majority representation of civilians at all levels, including the sovereign. Our armed forces shall undertake the noble and patriotic duty of safeguarding this system.

Despite the heinous act of the murderous defunct regime, our people have never lost hope in passing to a new era of freedom, peace, and justice. To attain that goal, we are now heading towards civil disobedience and a general political strike pursuant to preset timetables. For this purpose, we are calling upon all revolutionary entities to get in touch with the strike committees in the various professional, artisan, and service sectors to sign up.

We will stay true to our commitment of achieving the full aspirations of our people and will never resign ourselves to accept any partial gains. We will never compromise on the objective of building a civilian system of government, and we will count on our armed forces to defend our soil and to guard our democracy against all atrocities.

Setting up the strike committee is a top priority

Our rallies scheduled for today represent the start of the buildup.

Attendance at the sit-in zone is vital to achieving the Revolution’s goals.


Sudanese Professionals Association