Movements and social activists from the United States and Canada are in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to celebrate the eight years of the creation of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela, held a Sunday on the Plaza Bolivar in Caracas, to demonstrate their support and solidarity with the Venezuelan people and government, and reject interventionist acts by the US government.

The rally was held at the Plaza Bolivar in Caracas and was attended by activists Ann Fawcett Ambia, from the Brooklyn for Peace organization, Mark Cook, from the FAIR organization, Peter Lackowski, social activist, Pat Fry, from the organization 5th Brigade we will win in Cuba, Suzanne Ross, social activist, Stanley J. Kaster, member of the International Action Center, Keith Brookes, of the Anti-war Movement on the part of the USA and David Thomas of the Canadian Network in Cuba (CNC).

The representative and journalist of the FAIR organization, Mark Cook, expressed his support and solidarity with Venezuela before the incessant imperialist attacks. “We want to denounce the campaigns of lies against Venezuela and we are here to see the reality of this country”.

“The government of Venezuela is obviously a democratically elected one that has very strong support from its people, that is why today we are here in rejection of the threats and sanctions imposed by the United States government that affect all Venezuelans” Cook said.

It should be noted that these activists and social movements are part of the 21 delegations that were invited to participate in the II International Housing Forum that was installed on April 29 with the objective of informing and sharing experiences on the social construction of homes that boosts the Bolivarian Government for the Venezuelan people.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela