PAME expresses solidarity with the righteous struggle of the Brazilian Teachers and Students against the new anti-people’s measures of the Bolsonaro Government.

The workers and students of Brazil are organizing a National Day of Struggle on May 15, in defense of Public Education against the plans of the Government of Brazil aims to cut even more the funding for education. Moreover, the Brazilian government targets the essence of education by censoring what the students will learn in order not to become “communists” as it says.

The truth is that they do not want workers’ children to be educated and they further proceed with these measures in the privatization of education, its transformation to a commodity, only for those who have money.

Similar is the situation in Greece, with the SYRIZA government attacking the teachers’ working rights and the students’ right to education, so as to promote an education for the few, for the privileged.

We express our solidarity with the fair struggle of the Teachers, Students and workers of Brazil for free, public, high quality education for all children


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)