In the context of the hemispheric right-wing surge, ten of South America’s Communist Parties met in Montevideo, Uruguay, in late April to establish a joint strategy of struggle.  The parties that got together were the Communist Party of Argentina, the Communist Party of Brazil, the Brazilian Communist Party, the Communist Parties of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, and the “Red Fatherland” Communist Party of Peru.

In their April 29 summary of the meeting, the ten parties pointed out a dangerous situation in which not only is neo-liberalism back full blast, but also extremist right wing governments have come to power in Brazil and Colombia.  All this must be seen as a major imperialist counteroffensive against gains made by the left and Working class in recent decades.  The parties called for enhanced unity and emphasized the crucial role of the Sao Paolo Forum and other multinational bodies which include left wing parties in and out of power.  Specifically the parties reiterated their support for socialist Cuba and Bolivarian Venezuela, and called for the release from prison of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.


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