We have been hearing a few Sudanese voices, which we do not want to accuse of disloyalty, although in our opinion they deviate from the epic unity of the Sudanese protestors. These voices seem to be influenced by divisive discourses calling for sectarian discrimination. This, in turn, has raised our concern and the concern of the Sudanese people fearing that the Sudanese revolution, which amazed the world with its peacefulness and civility, might turn into a battlefield fot polarized radical religious and denominational ideologies.

As such, the Sudanese Professional Association stresses the following:

–      We intend that respect for all religions and the values of religious, ethnic and ideological acceptance, shall have the upper hand in the aspired to state of law, citizenship and freedoms.

–      We deem divine religions, as well as customs and traditions that enrich the people’s spirit, to be the source of inspiration and spiritual advancement, not of divisiveness and hatred.

–      The fanatic, intransigent and extremist voices must be made aware that they are no one’s guardians. One of the primary motives of this revolution was the rejection of doctrinal guardianship and of the arrogant belief that anyone had a right to classify others ideologically.

–      We affirm the definition of the gathering of the Sudanese Professional Association as an alliance between trade unions and professional associations which you know and whose professionalism and their patriotic orientations were known to you even prior to them joining the SPA. Many of you are members of these bodies. By taking this professional, patriotic definition into consideration, we were not, and should never be, committed to one religion at the interest of another, or to one ideology to the exclusion of others.  We do not intend to rule, instead, our project revolves around the commonly agreed upon national and humanist values, stipulated in local and international constitutions and charters. We, thus, stress our respect for all different sects among all spectra of the Sudanese society, and we promote acceptance and recognition of public rights and freedoms for all Sudanese.

–      In the near future, the SPA will, in addition to its declared main objectives, also play a national role in fostering and promoting the values of democracy, freedom and justice. It will monitor, under the supervision of the nation, the functioning of the State, the protection of rights, the promotion of peace, love and religious tolerance, the encouragement of inclusive diversity without animosity, and the freedom of ideological, religious and denominational debate within a peaceful, respectful framework.

–      We ask all Sudanese not to pay attention to any anomalous voices aimed at tearing asunder social peace in Sudan. We did not overthrow one terrorist, religiously crazed regime just to replace it with a similar terrorist, crazed and exclusionist regime that presumes ownership of the divine word.

–      The SPA in our alliance with the broad Sudanese forces realised in the Declaration of Freedom and Change agree to a minimum that brings us together and represents the first guarantee for the maintenance of social peace and religious acceptance. The most important point we agree on after the overthrow and dismantling of the former regime is the strengthening of the institutions of the rule of law, freedoms and justice.

–      We call upon all religious leaders in mosques and churches, and from other leaders of the civil society to play their traditional role of spreading the values of tolerance and acceptance. These values are at the heart of the message of all religions and humanism and contribute to building the Sudanese national state. Many have given up their lives to light the way to freedom, peace and justice. We also ask them to expose and reject those voices that want to return us to the platform of darkness from which the former regime evolved.

What we want is the state of legal institutions, citizenship, equality, freedom and justice.

As we all say, we are the Sudanese who respect our differences and celebrate our diversity.

May our Sudan rise high and higher.

SPA media

20 May 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association