Seventy-one years of the catastrophe of Palestine and the wound did not heal. The Nakba continues. We live to this day, massacres, assassinations, arrests, destruction of houses, bulldozing of orchards, building settlements, erecting the Apartheid Wall, severing the walls, and oppression. The Israeli occupier could break the will of the Palestinian people and uproot it from its land. No displacement, have praised the Palestinians for the struggle for the return of the liberated land.

Seventy-one years ago as if it were forever. More than five million Palestinians in the Diaspora hold the identity of asylum. It is the major Nakba committed by the colonial countries and carried by the entire world and the regimes of shame, disgrace, betrayal, conspiracy, humiliation, agreements of normalization and surrender.

The Palestinian people remained steadfast, fighting the enemies and resisting the invaders, adhering to their legitimate rights to liberate their entire land and establish their independent state on all Palestinian soil and its eternal capital, Al Quds Al Sharif.

Seventy-one years ago, the Palestinians did not forget their homeland. Their forefathers planted maps of Palestine in their hearts and nostalgia for their homes in Jerusalem, Acre, Haifa, Lod, Ramle, Jenin, Tulkarm and their beloved villages, which were destroyed by the invaders after their expulsion. They will not forget the massacres of Gaza.

They will not forget , will not forgive , will not calm down and will not be complacent. No matter how long the distances are separated.

They will not despair no matter how difficult the circumstances, the dark plots and the unjust machinations.

But will stand , fight and resist generation after generation to regain their sacred right and return to Palestine.

We are convinced that no right is left behind by demands.

The International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions .


World Federation of Trade Unions