Our noble nation,

On Sunday evening, May 19, 2019, a session was held between the DFC Forces and the Military Council. It continued until the early hours of Monday morning amidst a general atmosphere of anticipation. The nation’s hearts, eyes and ears were waiting for the culmination of the glorious December revolution in the transfer of power to the civilian protestors. This was the demand that the people’s movement tirelessly fought and loudly called for. An atmosphere of firm resolve to reach a formulation that meets the demands of the revolution prevailed throughout the round. We issue this statement seeking to provide all rightsholders with the facts and to uphold the values ​​of transparency that your glorious revolution sought to achieve.

The results of negotiations session can be summarised as follows:

I.  Points of agreement reached during past rounds were consolidated (Civil Authority structure and powers at all three levels and the duration of transition period).

II. The tasks of the transitional period were negotiated and agreement reached on the adoption of the articles of the Freedom and Change Declaration as the basis for these tasks.

III.   The report published by the Commission of Inquiry of the Military Council about the killings on the eighth of Ramadan on Nile Street was negotiated in detail. The FCDF delegation objected to the presented admissions. Both parties agreed to the formation of a committee from the DFC forces to review and follow up on the proceedings  of the MTC Commission of Inquiry into the events of 8th of Ramadan.

IV.  The expedition of the formation of a Joint DFC-MTC Field Committee was agreed on.

V.  Negotiations commenced about the structure of the Sovereign Authority and will continue in the evening of 20 May 2019 at 9 pm.

Our great nation,

Our glorious revolution has taken a long and difficult course maintaining its peacefulness and its principles from which it will not deviate. It will be undoubtedly victorious. It will not cave in or give up, held together by the strong cohesion and solidarity among all the constituents of the steadfast and determined Sudanese protestors. Our sit-ins in the national capital and regional cities safeguard the rights and realize the demands of the revolution as it persistently   approaches the dawn of its victory. We will reconvene the negotiations in the evening of May 20, 2019 resolutely, determined to make a great ending to a great revolution that did not and will not relinquish its demands and principles, and which knows that its victory is surely inevitable and coming. Let us congregate at the sit-ins in the evening and support one another in a unity that crushed the oppression of the deposed regime and that will defeat all who want to harm our country. The hour of victory is approaching through your patience, power and determination, and the dawn is doubtlessly near.

Forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change

20 May 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association