In response to Theresa May’s resignation announcement today (May 24), General Secretary of the Communist Party Robert Griffiths issued the following statement:

Theresa May’s decision to sack herself as Tory leader and write her own redundancy notice as Prime Minister underlines the urgent need for a General Election.

The Tories have never governed in the interests of the working class and peoples of Britain and shown themselves to be incompetent as well as cruel and callous.

Only a left-led Labour government will begin to address dire problems of poverty, precarious employment, the lack of affordable housing, deteriorating local services, climate change and the quest for international peace with justice.

Only a left-led Labour government will pursue a sustainable industrial strategy to protect and expand strategic manufacturing industries such as steel.

But in order to win a General Election, Labour will have to draw up plans to leave the EU and negotiate future mutual relations on a basis that will enable a left-led government to fulfil its progressive manifesto commitments.

That can only mean a sovereign and federal Britain, free from the rules and directives of the EU and its institutions.


Communist Party of Britain