wfdy 148The puppet of the US, Juan Guaido, stated today that the “final phase” of the overthrow of the legitimate president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has begun. Calling for the support of the military forces and the people of the country, Guaido is attempting a #coup against the elected government of #Venezuela.

This action brings new escalation to the violence in Venezuela and great dangers for the people of the country.

#WFDY salutes the immediate response of the ministry of defence with the rejection of the attempted coup.

We reaffirm our support to the legitimate government of Venezuela and its rightful president, Nicolas Maduro Moros.

We express our total #solidarity to the people of the country.

We condemn any foreign interference in Venezuela.

The antiimperialist youth of the world stands by the side of our member organisations of the country in this difficult moment.

We ask from all of our member organisations, to state clear that those attacks are not accepted and will not be tolerated!

We ask from all the peace-loving people of the planet to shout out loud: Imperialism, Hands off Venezuela!