On June 23 we learned about the regrettable statements made by the Colombian national leader, Iván Duque, who, referring to the political situation in our country, pointed out that it is necessary to consolidate the rupture of the FANB, instead of a military solution of a foreign character. This new act of stolidity, is typical from those who, in their blindness and despair, refuse to understand the failures of each attempt to disintegrate the homeland which gave them freedom.

It is very sad the role that Mr. Iván Duque is doing, aligning himself in a brazen and submissive manner with the interventionist script that emanates from the North American government, incurring at the same time in a gross interference with the internal affairs of Venezuela. He persists, in exhibiting ignorance regarding our institution, pretending that we carry out acts contrary to the constitution and Venezuelan laws, forgetting also the democratic and patriotic mood that has always characterized us. More despicable still, is that he dares to refer to a supposed correct side of the story. Mr Duque, exponent of the most miserable and treacherous Colombian oligarchy; keep in mind that the republican tradition of both nations does not allow doubts, since they have always honored the illustrious patriots who left a pro-independence and dignified political project, in which sovereignty resides in the people. His abject statements only confirm that we are on the right side of history.

What could be the reaction of the Colombian leader, if someone suggested that the military forces of his country should fracture and ignore him as president, in order to solve the many and varied problems that affect his compatriots? Certanly, the military would react outraged at such an impudence. In this sense, evoking the bonds of brotherhood that unite us, we invite the armed forces of Colombia not to be partners in such nefarious actions.

the FANB categorically rejects the infamous statements of Mr. Iván Duque, to whom we demand respect from and we remind him that he wastes his time trying to fragment our unity, discipline, morals and loyalty; sublime values ​​on which we base the defense and national sovereignty, as well as the service to the supreme interests of the people. We allow ourselves to remind him the immortal word of the liberator Simón Bolívar, and we clarified him as he did to Santander two hundred years ago:

This country is Caribbean, no fool!

Caracas, June 25, 2019

Chávez lives … the homeland continues!

Independence and socialist homeland … we will live and we will win!

Always loyal … traitors never!

Vladimir Padrino López

General in Chief

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People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela