Communist Party campaigners hit the streets in the Rhondda Ward of Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) County Borough Council at the weekend.

They were leafleting in Hopkinstown and Maesycoed for the party’s candidate Adrian Dumphy in a forthcoming by-election caused by the sudden death of Labour councillor Rob Smith.

Mr Dumphy is taking a clear stance against further cuts to local public sector jobs and services.

‘RCT and its suppliers are major employers in the Pontypridd and lower Rhondda area and we cannot afford more blows to the economy’, he insists.

The Communist Party candidate and other residents are angry that RCT continues to create paid positions for Labour councillors and supporters while pleading that a shortage of money could lead to the closure of local schools as pupils are bussed to a handful of ‘super schools’.

Mr Dumphy’s campaign is also highlighting the shortage of local, affordable housing for single people and young couples.


Communist Party of Britain