‘The Tories and the ruling class interests they represent have one overriding objective – to prevent a left-led Labour government coming to office in a Britain unfettered by the pro-big business rules of the EU Single Market’, Liz Payne told the Communist Party’s executive committee at the weekend.

‘They know that this remains a possibility, which is why wide sections of the media are still trying so hard to discredit and break the Labour leadership’, she explained. In particular, the Communist Party chairperson pointed out, the message is spread daily that Brexit is either impossible or catastrophic while Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable.

Ms Payne pointed out that Labour has defied the polls and the pundits to win the last four parliamentary by-elections and outperform the Tories in three sets of local and European elections recently.

‘However, the biggest danger now comes from pro-EU elements inside the party who are hell-bent on presenting Labour as an anti-Brexit force that does not accept the result of a democratic referendum’, she warned.

The CP leader cited an analysis showing that in the May local elections, all the councils where Labour lost five seats or more were in Leave-voting areas in the north or midlands of England. More than three-quarters of those seats were gained by the Tories, UKIP or independents.

‘As the Labour leader of Sunderland Council told the BBC, the demand from local Labour MPs for a second EU referendum had lost his party ten seats in a city that voted for Brexit in 2016’, Ms Payne remarked.

Britain’s Communists reaffirmed their call for an early General Election and a Labour victory on a left and progressive manifesto based on economic planning, public ownership, investment in public services in manufacturing, infrastructure and public services, a federal Britain and a substantial redistribution of wealth.

But the CP executive committee insisted that this would also require an upsurge in extra-parliamentary campaigning for the TUC’s ‘New Deal’ for workers and against austerity, global warming and the growing threat of a new imperialist war in the Middle East.

‘This is a hugely critical time when the potential of the next few decades for peaceful, sustainable development could be either won or lost’, Liz Payne concluded.

General Secretary Robert Griffiths reported on extensive plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party in Britain next year and announced a 6 per cent growth in membership since January.


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