The Gas Workers’ Union issued a statement on their recent 10-day strike. The announcement notes:

«We are getting stronger from the strike, we remain alert after a big strike of 12 days, claiming a direct employment relationship with open-ended contracts at the Natural Gas Company, following previous mobilizations that began in 2017.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy and the DEPA Company have failed to meet their commitments to meet the fair demand for permanent and stable work for all, with upgraded, equal rights. What workers have received is mockery.”

               Regarding the court decision that adjudicated their strike unlawful after contractors’ appeal, the Union states:

“The governments, companies, contractors in good cooperation want to criminalize the struggles that objectively go against the policy of «liberalizing» the energy market and its «fairness» of competition’. (…) They want to impose a cemetery silence at the workplace and hold hostage the 75% of workers at DEPA (who are contract-workers), some of them for up to 23 years.»

               Assessing the 12-day strike and previous mobilizations, the Union underlines:

«Our struggle to improve the lives of workers is continuous and already gives fruit, which will be assessed. From the very first moment on the side of the workers was the sectoral Energy Union of Athens, which also testified as a witness in favor of the workers.

We do not suspend the fight, but we continue. We are ready to fight and we expect DEPA to meet our demands immediately.

We welcome the strengthening of unity of workers and the picket lines to all facilities by all the workers. Participation in the strikes was complete. The protest actions were very massive.

Every attempt of employer intervention and intimidation met our response. A huge wave of class solidarity from federations, regional trade union centers, unions and workers from Greece and other countries was developed for our fair demand for permanent and stable work with upgraded, equal rights, affecting thousands of workers in all sectors. Workers are getting stronger and stronger!”


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)