The coup d’état -TMC resorts to a total shutdown of the internet service in  Sudan, including cutting off the landlines, which are the only remaining outlet for the Sudanese people to access the outside world and disclose the heinous crimes being committed by the Janjaweed militias and their sponsoring TMC. They are also the only outlet left to draw the world attention to the epical and heroic victories of the Sudanese people, culminating in the general political strike and civil disobedience.

This arbitrary and tyrannical decision is resultant of the complete disconnection of the internet from the local networks that operate and provide cellular services in the country.

Therefore, we recommend non-stop documentation of all manifestations of the civil disobedience as well as the TMC continuous crimes by using cellular phone devices and digital cameras so that these images could be posted and circulated later and at the soonest possible.

In a drastic measure and miscalculation, the genocidal TMC thought that it could eclipse the glimmer of our revolution or extinguish its flame by merely disguising its own heinous crimes. But, that’s nothing but delusional, as our revolution has turned omnipresent and glowing in every house, every corner, and street in the country. Its train can only come to a halt when its highest national cause is fulfilled and when the moral and political pledges made to our beloved brothers and sisters who were killed for our freedom and peace are honored and fully satisfied.

SPA Media Team

10 June 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association