Our Sudanese people,
We are closely monitoring some poisonous calls by the Coup Council for resumption of the negotiations, in blatant disregard of the innocent lives we have lost.

Therefore, we unequivocally confirm that we will not sit again with the Coup Council.

We stand firm in our demands for:

– Calling to account the Coup Council and everyone who was complicit in the crimes committed since the 11th of April.
– A full transfer of the transitional authority to a civilian government as stated in the Declaration of Freedom and Change
– The immediate dissolution of the Janjaweed militia and relinquishment of their weapons to the army, and an end to their takeover of the cities of Sudan

Our pledge to the Sudanese people is that the revolution shall continue, and victory is certain. Complete civilian disobedience is the weapon that will topple these tyrants.

The Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration
06 June 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association