Jun 15, 2019

Our dear Brothers and Sisters in Humanity, and all those who stand in solidarity with the Sudanese people…

On behalf of the revolutionary people of Sudan, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your solidarity and generosity, which we have felt since the launch of #BlueForSudan.

Even before it went viral, we had received support in many forms, from trade unions, political parties, pressure groups, and human rights organizations around the world. This has helped bring attention to our nation’s peaceful revolution, which has, so far, managed to topple the dictator Omer AlBashir and continues on its path to achieving our goals towards forming a democratic nation. We fight for our fundamental rights of freedom, peace and justice despite the suppression and oppression we still face in this 21st century.

#BlueForSudan is trending in memory of Mohammed Hashim Mattar, one of victims of the June 3rd massacre, instigated to disperse the sit-in in front of the Military Headquarters in Khartoum. In a matter of hours, the forces and militia of the Military Coup Council (MCC) took the lives of over a hundred peaceful protesters, using the most violent and brutal means. The massacre has shaken the Sudanese people to their core. Those who survived the violent dispersal of the sit-in  still suffer from the trauma of humiliation, verbal, physical and sexual assault, and excessive use of bullets that they were subjected to.

We draw strength from our great people’s abilities and perseverance, and your ongoing support and solidarity, to continue our peaceful struggle. We shall not rest until we get rid of the Military Coup Council, and all remnants of the criminal regime; in order to clear the path to a new civilian Sudan, worthy of the diversity, richness and dignity of its people;and so that Sudan can restore its position as an active player in the international community, and a friend to all peace-loving nations;  and for us to mend our reputation tarnished by the totalitarian regime of Bashir, and its adjunct Military Coup Council, which is  following on its footsteps.

SPA Media Team

14th June 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association