Hands Off VenezuelaNowadays, while the contradictions of imperialism are still deepening and are exposing the peoples to new threats and new dangers, the World Federation of Democratic Youth insists on the continuous struggle of the youth against imperialism, for the society of peace, social progress and justice and the end of the exploitation.

This situation is being escalated in all the regions with different ways. In Latin America, the United States and its allies together with the European Union have obvious aims. The imperialist interests to dominate and plunder the resources of #Latin_America and the Caribbean are clearly shown and are, as well expressed with the systematic interference, backed by a brutal ideological offensive, mainly through the media.

Within this framework, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has been in the epicentre of this attack. In addition to controlling the country’s energy resources and geostrategic position, which have always been the main targets of the imperialists, they want to make it clear that they do not admit the right of the peoples to choose on their own path of development away from their hegemonic interests.

?? The intensified economic aggression and the enormous support to the right wing and fascist groups by #US, do not lean the people of Venezuela.

❌ We denounce the threats and attempted violations against the sovereignty of #Venezuela as well as the refuse to recognize to the legitimate president Nicolas Maduro Moros.

✅We reaffirm our support to the people of Venezuela in their fight for safeguarding the sovereignty, independence, peace stability and development of the country.

? For the above reasons, the General Council of the World Federation of Democratic Youth took a decision to launch a solidarity campaign, on the historic date of 14th of June, the birthday of Comandante Ernesto #Che Guevara, under the title “Imperialism, Hands off Venezuela”.

Under these circumstances it is of high importance to be aware of all the filthy attacks of #imperialism to Venezuela. It is important that every progressive, democratic, #peace loving person denounces the filthy attacks of the imperialists. In a world of injustice, #solidarity is the weapon of the peoples!

Source: WFDY via Facebook / RedGlobe