Dear Comrades:


Receive an affectionate and combative greeting from the National Executive Committee of the Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) and all our militancy, before the realization of the international solidarity campaign “Imperialism: Hands off Venezuela!” To promote from the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) with the objective of denouncing the interference of imperialism in the affairs of the Venezuelan people.

For the JCV, the development of this campaign means a new impulse for the combat of the Venezuelan youth who fight untiringly for the national liberation and deepen the revolutionary perspective of the Bolivarian process.

The Venezuelan political scenario is complex: the intensification of the interference of US imperialism, the application of unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela, the promotion of fascist violence, the frequent responses of military intervention and the ignorance of the democratic institutionality chosen by the Venezuelan people. These are factors that threaten the future and the stability of the Bolivarian process.

The JCV thanks the solidarity that the WFDY pursues with the Venezuelan people, in addition to the will to continue deepening the bonds of friendship and revolutionary fraternity against capitalism.

The militancy of our organizations shows that socialist society is not an easy road, but also a phrase of Che Guevara: “If the present is the struggle, the future will be our future”; this is our struggle for socialism, authentic hope, young people, the struggle for the working class, capitalist oppression.

We defend Sovereignty and popular conquests!

Imperialism: Hands Off Venezuela!

National Executive Committee of the Central Council

Communist Youth of Venezuela

Janohi Rosas
General Secretary of the Central Council

Igor Castillo
Secretary of International Relations


Tribuna Popular