A Statement by the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change: Escalating the Revolution and Terminating Negotiations with the Coup Council

On this day, the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC forces) announced the beginning of an all-out political strike and civil disobedience, and termination of negotiations with the Coup Council.

After a day of a massacre on civilians, committed by the combined forces of the Sudanese military, the Janjaweed militias (also called the ‘Rapid Support Forces’), the ‘national security’ forces and other militias, in Khartoum and other cities and towns of Sudan, the DFC declared ‘an escalation of the revolution’, as follows:

1) Holding the coup council (no longer referred to as the Transitional Military Council) fully responsible for the massacre committed today. It was a planned crime in Khartoum and in other cities (including Nuhood, Atbara, Port Sudan and others). The numbers of those killed and accounted for surpassed 30 (by the time this press release was drafted), while hundreds were injured and many missing with their fate unknown so far.

2) All sorts of communications with the coup council, including the negotiations that were ongoing, are terminated. The coup council is no longer fit to negotiate with regarding the future of the Sudanese people. The leaders and members of the council are all held responsible for the blood that was shed since April 11, 2019, and they shall be brought before competent courts in Sudan, once the revolution is victorious.

3) Announcing an open, nationwide, political strike and complete civil disobedience, beginning today, the 3rd of June 2019, and until the regime is overthrown.

4) Calling upon all the honourable citizens in the armed forces and the police to live up to their duty of protecting the Sudanese people from the militias of the coup council, with their Janjaweed and shadow forces, and to side with the choice of the people in overthrowing the current regime and install a fully civilian government.

5) Calling upon the international community and regional community to denounce the coup, deny it any legitimacy, and side with the choices of the revolution of the Sudanese people.

The DFC Forces

June 3, 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association