We have received several reports about the continued campaign of the Military Coup Council in arresting political activists and protesters. The militias of ‘the security committee’ of the old regime, RSF and Janjaweed brigades have detained a number of political leaders and threatened them with assassination, in addition to the forced disappearance of a large number of revolutionaries whose fate remains unknown. This violent campaign of the criminal militias has also reached a number of employees of banks, electricity companies, airports, civil aviation, and other vital sectors with pursuits, arrests, and threats, in an attempt to break the planned civil disobedience and the general political strike through which all sectors of the Sudanese people have come together to overthrow the Military Coup Council and transfer power to a civil transitional authority in accordance with the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC).

In continuation of the methods of intimidation, terrorism, and spreading disinformation, it has come to our knowledge that filthy schemes are being planned by the Military Coup Council to stage violent incidents and attacks on citizens’ properties, in order to attribute it to the revolutionaries and to the DFC forces. It is a sick and desperate attempt to shake the unity of the Sudanese people and their unwavering commitment to tools of nonviolent resistance that are ultimately manifested in the complete civil disobedience and the general political strike.

In the face of these catastrophic and repressive developments, we call upon the workers in all institutions and facilities, in the public and private sectors, to engage and strictly adhere to the tools of civil disobedience and the general political strike, to cherish the blood of the martyrs and protect the lives of their colleagues and with loyalty and respect for their continued struggle. We also appeal to all regional and international institutions, especially those related to banks and financial and economic transactions, not to deal with the oppressive authority that is occupying the country, to demand a stop to the bloodshed and assassinations faced by political leaders and activists, while fully holding the coup council and its militias responsible for any attack or arrest.

Finally, we salute the commitment and dedication of the revolutionary people of Sudan, and we affirm that we are anticipating all possibilities and are working to combat them for as long as it takes, until the dawn of salvation, and we are sure it is nigh.

We call on all activists, neighbourhood resistance committees, and strike committees to raise the level of readiness and order among them, take all precautions and be prepared to face these campaigns with the necessary peacefulness, awareness, and caution.

Sudanese Professionals’ Association
8 June 2019


Sudanese Professionals Association