As all the peoples of the world have witnessed for a while; the US and EU Imperialists continue their attacks, economic and political blockades and repressions against the people of Venezuela and their legitimate president Nicolas Maduro, elected by a great majority. As a response to these attacks, the struggle and resistance of Venezuelan people and working class also continues. This struggle, at the same time, is the common struggle of all peoples who are exposed to exploitations, repressions and interventions implemented by imperialist forces. And from this aspect, the struggle of the people and working class of Venezuela is an international struggle.

One of the critical duties of Class Oriented Union Movement is to be in solidarity with all the peoples of the world who have been targets of attacks planned and implemented by Imperialists, Zionists and other exploitive forces. World Federation of Trade Union (WFTU) and its sectoral organization TUI Transport have always fulfilled this duty and will continue to do so.

In this context, towards the end of last May, under the leadership of the organizations TUI Transport, FUTAC, ULTA and CBST, a series of events and meetings had been organized in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas in order to show our solidarity with the people of Venezuela. One of the most important decisions taken during these meetings was to condemn the attacks made by USA imperialists and their local collaborators against the people of Venezuela and the legitimate Bolivarian Government and to organize protest actions against these attacks in all corners of the world.

As the follow-up of Caracas consensus, we declare July 5th, which marks the historical independence day of Venezuela, as the day of action in order to show solidarity with the people and working class of Venezuela. As known, the National Congress assembled on July 5, 1811 under the leadership of Simon Bolivar and declared the independence of Venezuela from Colonialist Spain. 208 years after the independence declaration, imperialists and their local collaborators once again target Venezuela’s independence. This is why we define this meaningful day as the day of action in solidarity with Venezuelan People and working class.

We call all the organizations waving the flag of the Class Oriented Union Movement, the members and friends of WFTU and TUI Transport to organize protests and public statements at USA Embassies or other places, and to organize other events within the bounds of their possibilities to show the world once again our solidarity with the people of Venezuela and President Maduro. We will also send a statement to be announced on the action day in the coming days.


World Federation of Trade Unions