We can’t wait until a referendum on unity has been called or our island has been brutally repartitioned by a hard border.

“People across the island deserve to have detailed information on how it would all work and the comfort of knowing that we are prepared for all eventualities. 

“The debate on a United Ireland has been driven forward by the complete disregard of the Tories, DUP and extreme Brexiteers like Nigel Farage for the democratic vote of the people of the north to remain in the EU and by their complete disregard for rights and our economy.

“People of all shades of opinion can see that the Good Friday Agreement provides a peaceful and democratic path to Irish Unity and with it a pathway back into the EU.

“Preparations for unity must now begin and spearheaded by the Irish government, but also the British government who have responsibilities under the Good Friday Agreement.”


Sinn Féin