“I want to ratify the commitment of the revolutionary government that I preside and of the Bolivarian forces of Venezuela with the dialogue in Norway, with the construction of a permanent dialogue and solutions board”.

This was stated by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, during a working day in which he gave a summary of the Mission Venezuela Bella.

From Miraflores he said: “I can say that this is going well and that it has all our support in any circumstance, all our support for the permanent dialogue and solutions board that, with the help of Norway, is advancing”.

He also reported that the Bolivarian Government has open doors for political dialogue with all the leaders and political factors of the opposition. “And it’s also going well” he said.

He announced that there will be good news in the coming weeks about how well the processes of contacts, negotiations and pre-agreements of different sectors of intellectual, political and partisan leadership of the Venezuelan opposition are going.

“I believe in dialogue, in politics, in the word, because I believe in Venezuela and I believe that all Venezuelans should be dedicated to beautifying the country”, he said.

He urged the different sectors of the country to point out that it is necessary to go one way: “Let’s go through a single path, that of the Constitution, understanding, dialogue, truth of Venezuela, without imperialist interventionism, Venezuelans solving our problems (…) I’m sure we’re going to achieve it”.

“This year 2019 we will achieve a great agreement of understanding and peace, dialogue and democracy for Venezuela. I am sure, I have absolute certainty, I ask for the support of all of you”, he said to those present.


People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of Venezuela