The following is a special resolution adopted by the National Convention to address imperialist maneuvers against the people of Iran and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

We gather here in Chicago for our Convention–the highest expression of our revolutionary, working-class democracy—and to celebrate 100 years of struggle for world of peace, democracy, and equality: a socialist world.

We do so in the shadow of a dangerous, criminal regime, with a very different vision for the world.  They may talk of peace and democracy, but they do so over the din of bombs, the poisoned chorus of propaganda, and the howls of refugee children in their concentration camps.

Just as that regime has ramped up violence against the people of this country, it has escalated imperialist aggression around the world.  Today, that regime and its backers are pushing us to war with Iran and clamoring for an invasion of Venezuela—talking, as usual, about “democracy” and “human rights”.

May those words turn to poison in their mouths!

We say no to war with Iran, and no to all U.S.-led regime change there. We say no to U.S. sanctions, imposed in defiance of international agreements, whose main function is to bring more suffering on the masses of the Iranian people. The Iranian people, and they alone, can chart a course for their country.

We say hands off Venezuela! Despite a decades-long campaign of propaganda and disinformation; despite sanctions; despite violent provocations by the U.S.-backed right-wing opposition; despite an attempted military coup, the people of Venezuela have not been swayed from the path of the Bolivarian Revolution.

We call for a people’s foreign policy, based on peace, on respect for national sovereignty, and on the right to self-determination.  Such a policy is not a utopian dream, but an urgent necessity for the survival of human civilization.

We say that regime change starts, and ends, at home.  We pledge the full effort of our party in the struggle against the criminal regime of Donald Trump.  We will vote, we will march, we will organize to break the power of the neo-Confederate Republican Party and its corporate masters. We will keep up that struggle until the whole world is free of U.S. imperialism.

Long live working class internationalism!


Communist Party USA